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~~~~In Loving Memory of Challing Eugene Albert LeBlanc~~~~April 11,1997-Jun02,2001~~~~



    Challing LeBlanc was born a healthy baby boy on April 11,1997. He was a welcome delight to his family. He was a very active little boy from the begining of his mom's preganacy to his 4 memorable years.He was a very loving child. He was also a smart but demanding boy. I (mom) let Challing do almost whatever Challing wanted to do under supervision. He taught me how to cast a fishing rod correctly. He loved swimming, boating,fishing,being at his treehouse overlooking beautiful Lake Maurepas, help building bonfires and overall normal boy fun. Challing was killed in a boating accident at the young age of only 4 years old. His Dad and he had went to the summer bash in Lake Maurepas on June 02,2001.Challing had a great time and even met a little girl named Robin whom he shared his candy with (that was very unlike him).They had played very well together that day. Another thing that had happened that day was he told his Nanny Abby was: Bye Nanny,I love you. He had never said "nanny" and "I love you" in the same sentence. On their way home a larger boat flew past them and made a large wake which threw his dad out of the boat. His dad was not wearing his kill switch at the time. Normally  he always wore his kill switch.When his dad fell out he grabbed the steering wheel and the boat then went in circles. I'm not sure but I feel in my heart that Challing had leaned over to look for his dad when he fell out.With the boat going in circles, Challing was hit with the prop several times, he didn't have a chance,but he was wearing his life jacket. It took about 5 hours for the Coast Guard to locate him. His dad survived and was rescued by a passing boat.

Challing is survived,loved and missed by his Mom,Dad,brother Channing and twin sisters Channie & Chassie



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If anything good is to come out of Challing's death , I would like boating safety to be a priority especially the awareness of using the kill switch and boaters watching out for each other. Don't forget to use the proper floatation device. Please consider taking a Boating Safety Course. It is mandatory for anyone 18 years old and younger.

It could help save a life!

Thank You,Liz



Beautiful Picture of Challing at His Treehouse ;Built over Lake Maurepas

This is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken in the latter part of spring of 2001. He was a natural when posing for photos. ISN'T HE A DOLL. He was 4 years old when this photo was taken in his treehouse located on beautiful Lake Maurepas.


This is Challing after he had put sunscreen lotion on himself.He would have a fit when mom would try to appy it ; so she decided it was much easier if he put it on himself. Sometimes he would use almost the whole bottle. Mom said as long as he is covered with lotion, that is the only thing that counts.

~~~~~Rembering Challing~~~~~

Go ahead and mention Challing

The child that died,you know

Don't worry about hurting me further

The depth of my pain doesn't show

Don't worry about making me cry

I'm already crying inside

Help me to heal by releasing

The tears that I try to hide

I'm hurt when you just keep silent

Pretending he didn't exist

I'd rather you'd mention Challing

Knowing that he has been missed

You asked me how I'm doing

I say "pretty good"or "fine"

But healing is something on-going

I feel it will take my lifetime


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This article was put in a local newspaper in time for the end of summer bash in Lake Maurepas 2006.

   I thought I would tell you a story.  It starts this way:  A very nice lady named Liz LeBlanc contacted me before the Beginning of Summer Lake Bash this year.  She wanted me to remind everyone to be careful at The Lake Bash.  Fair enough, I thought.  None of us want to see an accident.  The more I talked to her, the more I got to know why this was so very important to her.


   Liz is the mother of one of the cutest kids I have ever seen.  Her son is named Challing.  Challing died in a boating accident after The Beginning of Summer Lake Bash on June 2, 2001.  Challing was only 4 years old.  No one blames the Lake Bash.  This accident could have happened anywhere at anytime.  After talking to Liz and visiting with my friends at La Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries, here is what I think happened.


   Challing and his Dad where leaving the Lake Bash.  They got passed by a much larger boat.  The wake from the much bigger boat tossed Challing’s Dad out of his boat.  Unfortunately, he was not wearing his safety kill switch, something I am told he almost always does.  Challing got thrown from the boat, too.  Challing was wearing his life jacket, but his father was not.  Challing’s dad could not swim to Challing fast enough and could only watch as the boat made several circles, running over his son each time.

  Can you imagine the helpless and horrific feeling the father had to feel?  Can you imagine the grief, anguish, and regret both of Challing’s parents go through everyday?  You see, if the kill switch had been working properly and used, about the worst thing that might have happened would have been they both took an unexpected bath.    What did happen will be devastating for the rest of the entire family’s life.


   Liz request of me was quite simple.  Would I please remind everyone to be careful passing and being passed in a boat, encourage everyone to wear a life jacket, and finally and most important of all:  make sure the kill switch on your boat works properly and always, always wear it?


   I hope Liz can get some slight relief knowing that we have not had a single fatality this year on our waterways.  (I consider ‘our’ waterways as Lake Maurepas and tributaries, anything west of Lake Pontchartrain).  This is huge accomplishment, when you consider that there was usually a fatality every major holiday in the past.  It’s been a while, but I read that nationwide Louisiana ranks roughly 23rd in number of boats and 12th in number of accidents with fatalities.  This is a statistic that Law Enforcement is not proud of, especially Wildlife and Fisheries.  Law Enforcement from numerous agencies will be out big time at The Lake Bash.  Please be smart and designate a responsible driver.  They see too many cases like Challing, and have no patience with drunks or stupidity.  Although they won't readily admit it, I know for a fact that they take it very personal when a child is involved in an accident.


  After the big Labor Day weekend and then the Lake Bash, boating will start winding down as school has started, football season, and we prepare for the upcoming holidays.  Let’s hope we can make the year with no fatalities or serious injuries.




   Thanks for noticing,



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I encourage everyone to visit www.challing.com.  There are links to several other websites that are tributes to this beautiful child. 


                            ~~~~Thanks Rob ~~~~


Thank You Rob for adding this to your site


18.Remember Challing.  Challing is the subject of my latest article on the homepage.  Challing died in a boating accident after The Beginning of Summer Lake Bash in 2001.  His mom, Liz, wants me to remind everyone to: be careful passing and being passed by boats, wear your life jacket, and have a kill switch that works and WEAR IT.  Simple request on her part.  However, had this happen, her beautiful child would still be with us.  {I almost forgot, she encourages everyone to take The Wildlife and Fisheries Safe Boating Course}.  Everybody that I have talked to that did, said it is GREAT.  (and its free).  Life would be better (and safer) on the water if we all did, to be sure.




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It's been 6 years since I lost my baby boy and it still seem like yesterday. Cherish your children because you never know when they can be taken from you. Challing had control of me; now I'm lost.                                

                                                                                                  June 2, 2007